OnePlus 9 Pro: Should We Buy it For Hasselblad’s Sake?

OnePlus 9 with Hasselblad in tow is coming next Tuesday. The question is, what does Hasselblad bring to the table? Is it enough for you to jump at the opportunity and buy it or is it just a marketing scheme? 

OnePlus plans to invest $150 million dollars in this partnership with Hasselblad over the next three years to in order to become the phone camera gurus on the market – impossible to surpass camera kings. 

Now, nevermind that that seems like an insane amount of money, problem is what are end-users going to get from that when all’s said and done? 

Right now, at the beginning of the partnership, with the first phones Hasselblad has put its stamp on that will be natural color tuning and color calibration. 

To put it super simple, the photos we’ll take with the OnePlus 9 phones are gonna look very natural, very close to reality. This is fine if you’re looking specifically for that but truth is, many of us edit photos like crazy afterward or simply prefer more saturated colors from the get-go.

Color calibration, however, is for pro photographers and part of Pro Mode. Now, that makes sense! It’s likely that buyers who already love this partnership are the ones who have Hasselblad cameras, who have played with them before or at least are into pro photography. For them, things like ISO, focus, and white balance adjustments are big incentives. Also, lest we forget, the ability to save photos in 12 bit RAW! 

Is that enough to justify a steeper price? Between you and me, it would be weird to see OnePlus selling these phones at less than $700-$800… STARTING PRICE!

On top of that, you might discover that the hardware updates in terms of camera are actually more exciting than the software ones. Honestly!

OnePlus went with a 50MP custom main sensor from Sony that’s gonna shoot 4K at 120fps with omnidirectional autofocus and digital overlap HDR. What that means is that the OnePlus 9 is gonna capture multiple exposures at the same time and overlap them for better results. 

That’s not even the best bit! The secondary rear camera, the ultrawide, will be coming with a freeform lens. Remember the fisheye distortions we used to get when taking ultrawide pics? They won’t occur anymore! With this lens, OnePlus will manage to curb distortion from 20 to 1 percent!

That is why you might find the hardware more impressive than the Hasselblad tuning! 

For all the camera features and specs, watch the video above!

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