OnePlus Confirms New Feature for Dimmer Screens


Shenzhen-based manufacturer OnePlus is considering working on a much-requested feature for its smartphones, an improvement that would enhance the display and allow for dimmer screens, minus the flickering.

As we know, OLED screens currently use pulse width modulation in order to control the brightness of the backlighting. As full brightness comes from a constant current, to dim the screen the current has to be pulsed. Therefore, the dimmer screens could end up with a flicker because of the slower pulses.

Pulsed width modulation has other serious pitfalls, like creating all types of discomforts and health issues, from headaches to more serious problems – especially after long-term exposure.

According to several studies, 10% of people experience discomfort from PWM displays caused by flickering. Taking this into consideration, OnePlus started working on the alternative of DC dimming which adjusts the direct current, removing the odds of flickering.

Of course, DC dimming also has its drawbacks, such as reducing the quality of the display. But, as CEO Pete Lau said earlier this week, OnePlus is determined to experiment with the technology in order to make further progress. The feature is most likely going to be optional, available for those looking to reduce flicker.

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