Online Museum Celebrates The History Of the Mobile Phone



Our current smartphones are a whole bunch of technologies set up into one, hand-sized terminal, which allow us to play video games, take high-resolution images, pay for our purchases and many, many other things.
We call them smartphones because they are, indeed, quite smart. 

But before the age of the touch screen and YouTube, our mobile phones didn’t use to do all that much, really. We didn’t have any of the applications we use today, and the screens were a dull grey while writing messages took way longer than it does today, as you have to power through about 12 buttons.

You might be one of the people who grew up playing around with one of these mobile phones, or you might have been born a bit later, and are nostalgic for the much, much simpler times of portable devices. Or maybe you are just curious to see how they’ve evolved through the years. 

Whichever of the people mentioned above you are, there is now a place where you can still enjoy these devices: the online Mobile Phone Museum.

This virtual museum has high-resolution images of phones that have been long since discontinued, in addition to their technical sheets and information about their design and related developments. 

The museum’s collection comprises over 2,000 models from over 200 brands such as Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola and Sony, as well as brands that most of us haven’t even heard of. 

The website also has a number of different collections like Bestsellers (where you can find the Nokia 3310), or Japan, which showcases the mobile phones that were the most popular in the country. 

You’ll find phones from as early as 1984 as well as some you might remember from early 2000’s films. There’s also some terminals that might make you raise your eyebrows in disbelief – and rest assured, the Mobile Phone Museum has a list for the most … interesting-looking ones out there as well. 

However, even with so many models listed, the museum is still missing a good chunk of mobile phone history. Because of this, the curators encourage users to donate the devices they might have laying around in a box somewhere, for posterity’s sake.

These donors will even be featured in the section of the museum reserved for those who have sent in any devices the organization was missing.

So it might be worth looking into those old boxes you still have in storage. Who knows what hidden gem you might find?

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Online Museum Celebrates The History Of the Mobile Phone

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