OpenAI’s MuseNet Creates AI Music With Just One Gesture

Photo credit: Spencer Imbrock for Unsplash

OpenAI has a new AI-based online tool called MuseNet that generates songs with 10 different instruments, being able to create 15 different styles, but also to imitate classic pieces from Mozart to modern artist Lady Gaga.

The innovation uses a deep neural network, trained on a dataset of MIDI files coming from online sources that cover different music styles from jazz, pop, African, Indian to Arabic music. The system is pretty complex being able to comprehend the context of a piece and predict which is the next note.

MuseNet needs just a short piece of music to get it started. While at the beginning, the tool will follow the same style of the song, as the music goes on, original sequences will come through.

As MuseNet isn’t the first project that provides AI-generated music, it is safe to say that there is a tendency towards creating music with the help of AI.

The tool is available on OpenAI’s site. There, you can also listen to a selection of songs generated by the creators.

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