OPPO Launching Their Own Voice Assistant, the OPPO Breeno

OPPO Launching Their Own Voice Assistant, the OPPO Breeno

oppo breeno oppo voice assistant

Lost among the big debut of the even bigger Honor V20 was the fact that OPPO just threw their hat into the voice assistants rink.

OPPO Breeno the voice assistant consists of seven different modules, each one helping users easily get information.

For example, Breeno will detect if you’re at the airport and automatically give you the info you need to get to the boarding gate.

Divided on three levels – hardware, services and interaction, OPPO’s Breeno will connect with wearables, IoT devices and different apps and services. On the interaction front, OPPO says that it wants to make Breeno capable of understanding complicated nuances in communications, from gesture to emotions detectable in your voice.

Of course, right now OPPO’s plans are limited to just China, the same strategy from other major vendors like Xiaomi and Huawei. Out of the big three, only Huawei announced plans to send its digital assistant to the West but who knows?

If OPPO’s Breeno gains traction in China, it could try to cross over and provide some competition to Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa.

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