Oppo Plans To Join The Foldable Trend in 2019

Oppo Plans to Join the Foldable Trend in 2019


It looks like Oppo decided to also join in on the ever growing trend of foldable phones and plans to release one next year.

Chuck Wang, product manager of Oppo made the announcement recently but could not say anything about the specifications of the phone or even hint at a possible release date.

We’ve been swarmed recently with an influx of foldable smartphones, be they prototypes or just patents, with the Royole Corporation launching the FlexPai in the lead, via an announcement that marked it as the world’s very first functional, foldable phone.

Samsung was quick to follow with the Galaxy F, a device that was not presented up close to the public or the press yet but which will be fully unveiled in January, with a price of around $1,770, or more.

We’re expecting Xiaomi and Lenovo to follow the trend quite soon but, since Vivo and OnePlus are also under the same company as Oppo, who knows, we might get a surprise from them as well in a while.

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