World's First Foldable Phone Is Here And Not From Who We Would Have Expected

World’s First Foldable Phone Is Here and Not From Whom You’d Expect

royole flexpai

We’ve been talking about foldable phones for a while now and we kind of expected that either Samsung, LG or Lenovo would be the ones to break the ice but the very first foldable phone to be commercially available comes from a company many of you have never heard about.

Royole Corporation, a California -based company, has unveiled the FlexPai handset during an event that took place in Beijing.

The device is available in two configurations: 6GB of RAM with 128GB of storage or 8GB with 256GB RAM.

When the AMOLED screen unfolds, the phone turns into a small 7.8-inch display tablet while the handset mode will squeeze it down to 4-inches and will present three separate smaller screens on the front, rear and the spine of the device.

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The device has a 16MP wide-angle camera and a 20MP telephoto camera, while being the first one to use a 7nm Snapdragon 8150 chip.

The design is pretty chunky and a little rough around the edges – unfolded, it is 7.6mm thick, while when folded it goes to 15.2mm. The hinge has been rated to put up with 200,000 instances of folding and unfolding, so it should last for quite some time.

You also have to keep in mind that the phone weighs no less than 320g!

The FlexPai will come with a price tag that will be starting at $1,567, depending on the memory and storage of choice. Deliveries will begin in late December.

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