Oppo Successfully Completes 5G Test On Customized R15

Oppo Successfully Completes 5G Test On Customized R15

oppo R15

Oppo has announced that its first 5G internet access test on a mobile phone has been completed, according to Oppo President Brian Shen, who posted an image on Weibo of the successful device, which you can see below. The test promises to set a solid foundation for the launch of 5G Oppo smartphones in 2019.


The phone that managed the feat is a customized R15 device with a compatible 5G hardware.

Oppo has joined forces with Qualcomm as well and their partnership was announced during the Beijing Qualcomm China Technology and Cooperation Summit. During the summit, Oppo said that they want to become the first manufacturer to commercially launch the 5G smartphone.

If they do plan for that to happen, they better hurry: rival companies Xiaomi and OnePlus both claim they plan to launch 5G flagship phones in 2019.

As for ourselves, we’re looking forward to see who is going to win the 5G race.

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