Ouchie! Spotify Files Antitrust Complaint Against Apple in the EU

Ouchie! Spotify Files Antitrust Complaint Against Apple in the EU


There’s no love lost between the Spotify and Apple and now the pair are about to duke it out in court.

The relationship was always strenuous, with Spotify citing the “Apple Tax” they’re required to pay to be on the California giant’s smartphones as one of the reasons.

What’s that? Almost a third of the revenue from the subscription users pay goes to Apple. That’s why Spotify says it was forced to increase it’s subscription to $9.99, the same price as Apple’s own Apple Music.

What made Spotify claim foul was the fact that some companies, like Deliveroo and Uber, essentially get a free-ride on the platform and pay no such fees.

Spotify chose to file its antitrust complaint in the EU, where it has more chances of success. The streaming company points to the tight grip that Apple has on the apps allowed in the AppStore and how they can interact with the users.

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Even for a small thing like discounts or offers, the apps need to get Apple’s approval.

Because Apple Music looks to expand its user base, the fact that Apple controls what offers Spotify can have on its platform pushed Spotify to file the antitrust complaint.

This is no small claim, because Spotify is still struggling, despite having a large market share.

Even though it was launched back in 2008 and has over two hundred million users, a quarter of them with active subscriptions, Spotify started making a profit just last month.

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