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Panasonic’s Neckband Gaming Speaker, Coming This October

Wanna slay this October? Panasonic’s got your back! At least, that’s what the company is hoping to do by launching their SoundSlayer WIGSS neckband gaming speaker.

Sounds weird? Definitely. But the idea is not at all new and the speaker system itself has the shape of a neckband pair of headphones, so it’s nothing too crazy.

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The questionable name is actually an acronym. WIGSS stands for Wearable Immersive Gaming Speaker System and it comes with True MAGESS, which again is Majestic Augmented Gaming Environment Sound System. They’re going all out, folks!

The idea is to give gamers the impression that they’re actually surrounded by sound via four full-range speakers. The close distance will supposedly make this gadget a bit more suited for the task than what headphones or even a soundbar can offer, in terms of virtual surround sound.

Panasonic also threw in a catchy mode for Final Fantasy XIV Online players.

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Unfortunately you won’t count on a wireless neckband. The system will still have to be plugged in via USB-A cable or audio cable in your console or computer.

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Wanna give it a try? The SoundSlayer WIGSS will come this October at the price of $199.99.

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Panasonic’s Neckband Gaming Speaker, Coming This October

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