$3000 Louis Vuitton Speaker Looks Like It Belongs Next to the Tesseract

Granted, Ikea may have started the whole “tech-as-home-decor” trend but it’s Louis Vuitton who is launching a speaker that is not just fashionable but downright futuristic, looking like it belongs next to the Tesseract.

The Horizon Light Up Speaker is a fashionable piece, made from glass, stainless steel, and leather. It’s definitely something you could display on a shelf like a work of art or casually toss on a couch like a pair of Manolos.

The symbols and logo of Louis Vuitton dress up the speaker while 35 LEDs remind you that this gadget could be integrated into a gaming setup as well as a cinematic one.

The unique shape makes it fit perfectly within the Marvel Universe, right next to Thanos’ Tesseract. However, it’s actually inspired by a similarly curiously shaped Vuitton bag which, by the way, costs $2000 or so.

That’s not to say this speaker will sell for much less. In fact, the Horizon will retail for a cool $2890! A steep price for a decent speaker with lights, if you ask me. We’re looking at a three-inch subwoofer with two 0.75-inch tweeters, three mics, Bluetooth 5.1, and AirPlay 2 support.

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The battery is expected to last up to 15 hours but you can charge it in a separate dock. If this piece is too weird to pass, you can order it from the Louis Vuitton website and wait for July 31st, when shipping starts.

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$3000 Louis Vuitton Speaker Looks Like It Belongs Next to the Tesseract
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