How to Use Your iPhone to Check Eyesight and Renew Your Prescription

Want to quickly renew your prescription or check your vision without visiting the doctor? There’s a way to do so now. It involves your iPhone, a fun app, and of course, a test.

The Virtual Vision Test is the new version of Warby Parker’s Prescription Check app. It allows any prescription glasses wearer to quickly eliminate all doubts regarding their worsening vision.

All someone needs to do is download the iOS app and take the test in a quiet, well-lit space. Of course, that is if they already have on hand their current glasses or contacts, as well as a copy of the current prescription.

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From about 10 feet away, users will be able to take the well-known vision test – only in the comfort of their own home, this time. While the process avoids a visit to the doctor’s office, it doesn’t exclude medical staff completely from the equation. Users will still need to validate the results of the test with an eye doctor.

If the results indicate good vision, then a $15 fee will be charged for a prescription renewal.

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If not, users will receive a recommendation to visit their doctor. And there’s one more thing to take into account; the app will work only for people between 18-65 years old who have a single-vision distance prescription and no chronic eye diseases or who are under treatment.

Will there soon be an equivalent Android app? The company is considering it but the OS would need something similar to iOS’ Vision Framework for it to function.

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How to Use Your iPhone to Check Eyesight and Renew Your Prescription
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