Reframd Eyewear Makes Every Frame Fit You Perfectly
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Reframd Eyewear Digitally Creates Your Frames To Fit Your Face

Most off-the-shelf eyewear is designed after pretty standard molds which fit most Caucasians but not many others. For other face geometries, for noses with a low and wide bridge, they fit badly, if at all. So, one startup from Germany has come up with a solution to digitally create frames that look right on every face.

Now on Kickstarter, REFRAMD wants to digitally tailor sunglasses to fit every single face. To avoid waste, each pair of eyewear is made on-demand, after being built around your face.

How does REFRAMD make glasses?

Starting with a face scan that allows them to capture facial landmarks and compile a unique 3D model of the user’s face. Then, their special algorithms are able to analyse the facial geometry and adjust the design. The software has to make sure it’s a snug fit, the nose pieces are at the right angle so the user is comfortable wearing it and the frame won’t cover the whole cheek.

Once that’s done, the wearer can choose the design, frame and lens color. The virtual try-on is wonky right now, but if you’re interested, you can try the beta version in your browser. The mobile app is yet to come.

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The material used for the fabrication of the frames is nylon because REFRAMD says, it’s “robust yet flexible, light feels comfortable on the skin and comes in many different finishes and colors.” The eyewear is guaranteed to be UV and stain resistant, perspiration proof and safe for the skin.

There are 4 models you can choose now on Kickstarter – the Moni, Lipitika, Planga, and Umoyo. The early bird price for one pair of REFRAMD glasses is 125 euros, while the retail price will be 180 euros.


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Reframd Eyewear Digitally Creates Your Frames To Fit Your Face
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