Pfizer Shot Proved Efficient in Protecting Against Severe Illness In Israel

According to official data, in recent weeks Pfizer Inc.’s vaccine had limited effectiveness at preventing the population from getting coronavirus. On the other hand, the vaccine is efficient in offering protection against severe Covid-19.

The same data showed that between June 6 and early July, the vaccine protected 64% of people against Covid-19, dropping from a previous 94%, when the delta variant begin spreading in Israel.

Therefore, evaluating the efficacy of the vaccine and the rate at which it wears off could be interesting to study on vaccinated people who already got infected with Covid -19, looking at age, inoculation date and existing conditions.

Additional restrictions may also be on the table, but so far the authorities didn’t mention the possibility of a third dose of vaccine, but Pfizer Chief Executive Officer Albert Bourla thinks a third dose will most likely be necessary for full protection.

Israel turned out to be one of the world’s most effective coronavirus immunization hubs, with bout 57% of the population now vaccinated.


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Pfizer Shot Proved Efficient in Protecting Against Severe Illness In Israel
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