Pilot Earbuds Can Translate Languages In Real Time


Some of you might be familiar with Babel Fish, the fictitious alien fish that performs instant translations, which made an appearance in The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. You might remember it if you’ve read the book because I can’t imagine a more useful tool (creature) to have on hand when traveling through the galaxy.

While we’re not quite galaxies away yet, we still have plenty of trouble interacting with each other in a world that becomes increasingly more crowded and where we can visit any country in just a matter of hours.

To help us out a little, Pilot introduced their Bluetooth, fully wireless earbuds at CES in Las Vegas. The earbuds can translate between 15 languages and 42 dialects: they listen to the person in front of you and speak the translation directly into your ear.

They come in pairs, so, if needed, you can offer one to the person you talk to and have a full-fledged conversation.

In addition to that, the earbuds can also transcribe the conversation for you, if you would ever need to return to it. We don’t know how accurate the transcription system is, but regardless, it could prove very useful in getting the main ideas out of the conversation that was had.

The downside is that the earbuds work with a companion app which connects to the cloud for the translation, so you’d need a data connection for them to function. Of course, as the translation happens, you have to expect a bit of a delay.

The earbuds cost $200 and are available in red, black and white color variants.

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