PlayStation Studios Acquires Firesprite

PlayStation Studios Acquires Firesprite

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PlayStation announced they have acquired Firesprite as the latest addition to PlayStation Studios.

In a post on PlayStation.Blog, Head of PlayStation Studios Hermen Hulst described Firesprite as a “creative and ambitious studios that is exception at building incredible experiences that truly showcase the potential of our hardware.” Indeed, PlayStation and Firesprite have a long history of collaborating, with some games on like The Playroom for PS4 and PSVr. Additionally, several members of Firesprite were formerly part of SIE’s Studio Liverpool.

Given Firesprite’s catalogue, their addition to PlayStation Studios could point to an increased focus on VR. With PlayStation VR 2 somewhere on the horizon, a first-party studio with VR experience would certainly make the product and VR generally more enticing.

PlayStation Studios has recently acquired several studios, adding Housemarque and Nixxes in the past couple months with a Bluepoint acquisition potentially being leaked. At the same time, Japan Studio has been slowly shuttered, with only a subset of its initial developers remaining as part of Team Asobi.

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PlayStation Studios Acquires Firesprite
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