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Motorola ‘WirelessPower’ Tech Charges Devices From 10 Feet Away

Over-the-air wireless charging seems to be the new gold rush and Motorola seems to have the winning formula.

At the Lenovo Tech World 21, the company just demoed their Motorola WirelessPower tech, a solution that can charge up to four devices from 10 feet away.

Yes, you read that right. No cables, no pads, no docks, just enter a room and your phone will start charging.

Of course, there is some hardware you’ll have to install.

In this case, it’s a router-looking device which will work better the closer your devices are to it. It has a field of view of 100 degrees, so it will need to be placed somewhat in the center of the room.

Motorola’s wireless power solution is developed in collaboration with GuRu Wireless and Salom Electric.

However, right now we don’t know when we should expect a consumer-ready device and technical details are kind of slim.

To see what other companies are doing with over-the-air charging, check out the Xiaomi and Oppo versions of this tech we wrote about earlier this year.

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Motorola ‘WirelessPower’ Tech Charges Devices From 10 Feet Away
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