Pokémon GO Keeps 80m Interaction Distance After Fan Uproar

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Pokémon GO has announced it is backtracking on several of the changes it announced earlier in June.

In an announcement posted to Pokémon GO’s Twitter, the interaction radius for PokéStops and Gyms will continue to be set at 80 meters rather than dropping it to pre-pandemic 40 meter distance. The impetus for the original change was to give players the ability to still play Pokémon GO while being socially distant. The change back to 40 meters was, in a sense, a return to pre-pandemic normal for the game.

Pokémon GO fans were upset when the changes were first announced for several reasons. While health and safety concerns surrounding the continued state of pandemic were among the concerns, several plays also noted that the pandemic-related changes made the game more accessible and just outright better.

Niantic holding the interaction distance at 80 meters is a win for fans and fan advocacy.

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Pokémon GO Keeps 80m Interaction Distance After Fan Uproar
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