Pokémon Unite Combines Pokémon With Real Time Team Based MOBA Gameplay

Pokémon Unite Combines Pokémon With Real Time Team Based MOBA Gameplay

The Pokémon Company had a relatively well received Pokémon Presents last week. Teasing a second Pokémon Presents only a week later, fans were expecting a big announcement like a Sinnoh (Generation 4) remake or Let’s Go for Johto (Generation 2). Instead, the Pokémon Company dropped a completely new spinoff: Pokémon Unite.

Pokémon Unite is the company’s first foray into real time team battling. Players play as some of the series’ Pokémon in a MOBA style (think League of Legends) 5v5 setting. The goal of the game is to score more points than the opposing team which is done through capturing wild Pokémon that roam the arena.

Although in a MOBA style, the game stays true to some of its roots. Players start as a level 1 Pokémon but can evolve and learn new moves by defeating wild Pokémon. Eventually, a player will gain a Unite Move, a unique move for Pokémon Unite. These Unite Moves act as ultimate moves would in other games: an extremely powerful attack that is special to each Pokémon. There are no type advantages, however, so players will rely less on type advantages and more on tactical aspects like positioning, area of effect, and more.

Pokémon Unite is planned to be cross platform – Nintendo Switch and mobile. The cooperative, MOBA style is a first for the Pokémon Company and will be interesting to see how well it will be received.

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