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Police Officers In Arizona Will Have Eyes Everywhere Thanks To Drone Fleet


A local police department in Arizona is making sure they are on top and above the situation by employing a fleet of drones to help them with daily tasks #actionmagic

The Sahuarita Police Department plans on training their officers and getting FAA authorization process as soon as possible in order to deploy a number of police drones. The UAVs are meant to investigate crime scenes from the sky, conduct search-and-rescue missions and “keep an eye” on traffic accidents. Before that happens, though, they need an air-traffic control system specially designed for the drones.

Start-up Drone Control Systems will provide a Local Area Drone Dispatch and Authorization System software and hardware solution. This program is meant to help authorities monitor and track the drones during working hours but also send pilots emergency notifications from a future command center. The control program can also play back the footage recorded by drones, create and alert officers about permissible drone flight areas.

On the other hand, drone operators will be able to interact with the system via mobile app.

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