"Perfect Boob", Found With Eye-Tracking

Polish Surgeon Searches for The “Perfect Boob” With Eye-Tracking

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Perfection, as well as beauty, is relative. It’s no wonder, then, that plastic surgeons are incredibly subjective when it comes to evaluating a “boob job” or recommending a certain aesthetic. But technology might help them make more balanced assertions, ones that not just one, but plenty of people could agree with later on. At least, that’s what a team of Polish surgeons hope, after using eye-tracking to discover the “perfect boob”.

Plastic surgeon Piotr Pietruski and his colleagues asked 100 people to evaluate naked breasts for a study about to be published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Then, he used eye-tracking to see what the 50 men and 50 women chosen focused on most, what particular feature draw their attention. They were also asked to evaluate the eight pairs of computer-generated breasts on two criteria: symmetry and aesthetics.

“Terms such as ‘beauty’ or ‘aesthetics’ are subjective and thus poorly defined and understood,” plastic surgeon Piotr Pietruski  explained to Motherboard. “Due to this fact, both aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery suffer from the lack of a standardized method of postoperative results analysis.”

This alternative method, based on eye-tracking technology, helped them infer which area is more attractive to the simple observer; if you’re curious, it turns out 75 percent of their time looking at the nipple area and the lower part of the breast.

But how will they establish what’s the most pleasing form of that area? Won’t that be a matter of sujectivity, a matter left at their discretion? Tell me what you think!

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