Porsche Cars Could Play Music Depending on Your Driving Style
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Porsche Soundtrack My Life Project Plays Music Depending on Your Driving Style

What is your driving style? Are you Fast & Furious or more Easy & Chill? Does it matter? Well, if you own or plan to buy a Porsche it may be a criterion for the type of music you listen to on the road. That’s because Porsche has found a unique way of tuning your in-car entertainment to your driving style.

Cars have long ceased to be just a means of transportation. They have become an office on wheels or at least a fun entertainment space, especially during long trips. In-car music is a permanent fixture, even if nowadays, you don’t have to select it and change it yourself.

As a matter of fact, thanks to next-gen tech, your carefully curated playlists and favorite radio stations can become alive the moment you step into your car. Just think about DTS Connected Car – that team is proposing to mix radio, computer vision, and metadata. How? Well, in-car cameras can create a driver profile by registering and authenticating a driver and theeen, leveraging hybrid radio and metadata to create different personas (drivers) music profiles.

Get in the car and expect your favorite music to pop up, no matter who’s been driving it before!

With that in mind, it’s clear that in-car music customization has become incredibly thrilling to automakers so it’s no wonder Porsche is thinking of delving into this, too. However, Porsche is looking into the style of driving a person has.

Soundtrack My Life is an experiment Porsche wants to conduct to see how they can match the intensity of the driving to a sound using algorithms and unique snippets of music.

“The complexity of what comes to the ear is one-to-one dependent on how they drive,” said Porsche Digital’s Norman Friedenberger. “How fast they drive, and how hard they accelerate and brake.”

The driver has the possibility to choose the style of the music they prefer but the exact soundtrack to play is up to Porsche. Depending on the “acceleration, speed and centrifugal forces in the car” the volume will go up or down a notch as well as, presumably, the song played.

Soundtrack My Life is a prototype at the moment, with Porsche hesitating to speak about a release date or any timing-related info, really.

What do you think – is this something worth pursuing?

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Porsche Soundtrack My Life Project Plays Music Depending on Your Driving Style
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