Portless Phone with Wired Charging, Coming Soon

Portless phones may sound futuristic but they’re not as new a concept as you might think. Xiaomi, Vivo, and even Apple were rumored to consider such designs in the near future. However, this phone maker is said to have found a way to ensure not just wireless but wired charging for them, too.

If you’re wondering who the daring fellow is… Oppo has risen to the challenge. The Chinese manufacturer is rumored to hold the proprietary technology to make wired charging possible for a smartphone without buttons or ports.

Of course, the technology hasn’t been leaked but it appears to be some sort of USB-based interface that is hidden from view.

Going with a portless phone also means hiding any bumps and holes that might make it inaesthetic. Therefore, Oppo is apparently considering an under-display selfie camera and electrochromic tech for its rear one. Once again, that is nothing new as OnePlus showed it off on their Concept One.

As for the side buttons… Oppo could go with pressure-sensitive ones, similar with the trigger buttons we’ve seen on gaming phones of late.

There’s no telling whether their concept will make it to mass production but if it does… we’ll finally be able to say we have a Sci-Fi phone 😉

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Portless Phone with Wired Charging, Coming Soon
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