OnePlus Concept One Is the Closest Thing You Have to a Spy Phone

If James Bond were an avid photographer, this is the phone he’d use.

OnePlus loves to test groundbreaking features in concept phones, testing the market and their possible success in the future. OnePlus Concept One is no exception.

The phone follows quite closely the design line of OnePlus phones, down to the pop-up selfie camera the brand has employed of late. However, it doesn’t sport the glossy blue of previous versions, but a bright orange that they call Papaya Orange.

If that sounds familiar, it’s because the color is associated more often than not with the McLaren brand. In fact, the product is a collab with the carmaker.

Besides the color of the leather back, OnePlus took inspiration from McLaren regarding their concealing materials. As we’ve discovered at MWC 2020, the rear cameras can be easily hidden at the push of a button.

Close the main camera and the electrochromic glass that protects the lenses turns opaque just like in the latest McLaren cars with opaque sunroofs.

Turning the cameras invisible is done in a blink of an eye. More precisely, in 0.7 seconds. It’s quite the shifty feature, if you ask us. Something a spy would clearly find handy… but also a photographer.

That’s because the electrochromic glass also works and an ND filter, meaning it blocks harsk light reducing the risk of getting overexposed pictures.

Reversely, it can also help with longer exposure shots, adding to the dramatic effect.

Quite the nifty feature but one that we doubt OnePlus is going to push, unless they found a way to make it cost-effective and in line with their smartphone prices.

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