Ring’s New ‘Neighborly Moments’ Feature Wants You To See The Good In Your Neighbors

Image: TechCrunch

Ring wants to ‘promote’ good deeds in the neighborhood and now offers users a way to share the good things happening in the neighborhood.

Ring’s new “Neighborly Moments” is live in the Neighbors app, and the company hopes it will “make it even easier for you to share these good deeds and celebrate the kindness of those good Samaritans with your community.” Until now, the app was condemned for encouraging people to post about suspicious activity in their neighborhoods, like crime.

Image: Ring

The new category highlights the good stuff that happened on your street like videos of people shoveling each other’s driveways, or people cleaning up trash on the sidewalk. 

Ring also came up with a Control Center dashboard, meant to highlight whether the local law enforcement agencies are active in the Neighborhoods program, with giving the choice to opt-out from police requests for videos. 

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