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PowerPoint Presenter Coach Listens and Helps You Practice Your Presentation Skills

Need help practicing your presentation skills, especially now with mostly everything happening on Zoom, Teams and other conferencing tools?

Microsoft’s PowerPoint Presenter Coach tool, which was available just on the web version of PowerPoint until now, will soon appear for all versions of the software, from Windows to Mac, iOS and Android.

The PowerPoint Presenter Coach listens to you as you go through your PPT deck and analyzes what you’re saying, then gives you suggestions for improvement.

Not only does it listen to your talking pace and identifies when you’re using too many filler works like “umm”, it also looks at your body language and encourages you to improve eye contact.

“Presenter Coach provides users with feedback on their pace, use of monotone pitch, use of filler words, poor grammar, lack of originality, use of sensitive phrases, and more while they rehearse their presentations,” explains Microsoft.

After each training session, you’ll get a report that shows you what you need to practice next.

If you’re on calls a lot and struggling to improve your presentation skills, this productivity tool might help.

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PowerPoint Presenter Coach Listens and Helps You Practice Your Presentation Skills
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