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Prepare To Never Go Asleep With LG’s “Always On” G5 Smartphone

lg g5

Mobile World Congress will reunite the best of the best in matters of new smartphones, outstanding camera technologies and software, meaning they’ll have more surprises in store for you than even the Oscars. Most of us know what to expect from Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge but LG is keeping us on our toes with GIF teasers on their Facebook page.

Their latest update involves a catchy phrase “Never go asleep while others do” and a visual to support it. By the looks of it, LG might have in store an always turned on display for us. While it won’t show your whole screen 24/7, you will have at hand essential information – time, date and notification alerts:
LG G5 always on

As you can see, it looks a lot like the B&W Motorola concept of 2013 but its ongoing brighteness will probably involve newer screen technology. Some argue that OLED will be used to achieve this end result, while others think it’s a far-fetched theory.  We tend to agree with the first theory, if LG’s last strategies are to be taken into account. The company recently announced it will invest $8.7 billions of dollars into OLED displays’ capabilities.

Decidedly, the G5 will leave behind previous LG designs, going for a fresh approach with the “always-on” screen and an added, misterious accessory slot at the bottom of the body.

Less than two weeks separate us from February 21st, the day when both Samsung and LG will unveil their latest smartphones. Fingers crossed!

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