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Kidde Remote Lync Gives Your Guard Dog Some Well-Deserved Time Off

kidde remote lync

Not a year goes by without a Home Alone rendition – it’s an American classic. Still, we wouldn’t want to make our home (and ourselves) potential targets to petty thieves just because our guard dog is more sleepy than fierce. Here’s where Kidde RemoteLync comes in; this indoor security camera is small enough to not be easily perceived but smartly devised to capture any strange motion.

RemoteLync is a bit of a surprise for a brand known for smoke and carbon monoxide-detecting devices but it is, nevertheless, the next step to take if you’re working in the field of home security. For $189, you get low-power rechargeable battery that should last about 3 months given the fact that this camera doesn’t support live streaming or HD video recording. You’re left with a standard 640×480 VGA resolution but, instead of audio alerts and two-way talk feature, you get geofencing, an IFTTT channel, motion alerts and a loud, scary, intruder siren.



It’s not your dream security camera by far, but if you’re expecting an efficient product, small and portable, it should be enough. Once you finish up the basic install in the camera RemoteLync app, you can choose to arm and disarm the camera manually or enable geofencing. This feature disarms the camera if you’re at home, for example, but you need to give it access to your location at all times.

What happens if you’re Away? If in this period of time Kidde RemoteLync detects motion it will send a push/email notification and will enable the built-in siren. You can also set it to record a short video clip of the suspicious action, with a length of 5-30 seconds.

All in all, a good device if you’re looking for straight-forward cameras, no fancy features included.





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