Qualcomm Reacts To Intended Allegations of Cheating On Benchmarks


Qualcomm just got in the middle of a conflict, as a report  from AnandTech alleged that MediaTek was cheating on performance benchmarks.

According to the report, MediaTek facilitating benchmark cheating, allowing OEMs to enable a “sports mode” in benchmark apps.

MediaTek responded to the accusations through an announcement saying that their company is in line with the industry-accepted standards for benchmarks, adding “our key competitor has chipsets that operate in the exact same way”.

Although the company didn’t make a direct reference to Qualcomm, the hint was pretty obvious, and the manufacturer had to answer in order to clarify.

Qualcomm enforced the fact that it doesn’t whitelist benchmark apps, saying:

“Whitelisting refers to the technique of using the app name to determine whether to put the device into performance enhancement mode. The action of whitelisting a benchmark app is generally considered by the industry as cheating since it defeats the purpose of a benchmark, which is to reflect user experience for day to day use. Qualcomm does not whitelist.”

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