Quality of Life Changes for Skyward Sword HD Revealed

PC: Nintendo

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Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD comes out in two weeks, yet fans are still wondering if the game is worth purchasing. $60 for a remake of one of the more controversial Zelda games is a tough sell, but an update from Nintendo may make the purchase more palatable.

In a video published on Nintendo’s YouTube channel, the company outlined several of the quality of life changes coming with the remake. The only such change mentioned so far has been the option for button-only controls, useful for playing handheld or with the Switch Lite. The original game required players to use motion-controls.

The developers also made Fi, Link’s sword and companion, a little less burdensome. In the original game, she would appear at almost every juncture to offer advice. Now it appears that this help is optional. When Link’s sword flashes, Fi can provide input. However, she will not automatically appear and interrupt gameplay flow.

In this regard, the team also added fast-forwarding to dialogue and a “skip” option for cutscenes. Item information will also be streamlined. That is, after the item is picked up once, the information box on the item will not reappear.

Finally, the game will have a higher frame rate to allow for better gameplay overall.

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD releases July 16th.

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Quality of Life Changes for Skyward Sword HD Revealed

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