Razer Arctech Cases Show Up to Cool the Latest iPhones

Razer Arctech Cases Show Up to Cool the Latest iPhones

razer Arctech pro iphone 11 case cooling thermaphene technology

As the discussions around the new 2019 iPhones introduced yesterday heat up, Razer shows up to cool spirits…or at least phones with new cases with a brand-new cooling technology.

Meet the Razer Arctech cases, which work both for the company’s own Razer Phone 2 and Apple’s ranges from this year and last.

These cases are made of three layers but are still wireless charging-compatible.

razer archtech iphone 10 case

At surface level, you have a polycarbonate/ elastomer case to protect your brand new iPhone in case of a dive. The second is microfiber for extra cushioning and scratch protection.

The third is a Razer-made material new on the market which, in independent testing, “maintained temperatures up to 6° Celsius (42.8 Fahrenheit) lower than the comparison case,” says the company.


Thermaphene razer technology

Considering that the new iPhone 11 series is extra-focused on 4K video, this nifty feature is more than just for gaming sessions.

There are two types of cases, depending on how much extra bulk and protection you want to add to your iPhone 11 – the Archtech Slim and the Arctec Pro + Pro THS edition, which add a scratch-resistant backplate and four shock-absorbent sidewalls certified for up to 10ft/3m drop protection.

All types of cases are available in Black, Quartz Pink and Mercury color schemes, with the Arctech Slim retailing for $29,99, the Arctech Pro for $39,99 and the Arctech Pro THS Edition going up to $44,99.

The company also released a $39,99 Blue Light Screen Protector, made out of thin tempered glass and designed to reduce screen glare for less eye strain.

All of the new Razer Phone 2, iPhone XS,iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro  and iPhone 11 Pro Max accessories are available on Amazon and Razer’s own website.

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