Razer Brings Alexa Integration To Its Chroma Lighting System

Razer Brings Alexa Integration To Its Chroma Lighting System


There’s no company in the PC gaming industry that has latched on to the LED light aesthetic harder than Razer and now, at CES, Razer has announced that it will be introducing an Alexa integration to its Chroma lighting system.

The Chroma system, for those of you who are not in the know is the software suite that coordinates the color schemes for all the Razer gaming peripherals.

While the Chroma setup required a few buttons to be pushed and some settings to be changed, all you’d have to do after the Alexa integration is simply ask the assistant to change the colors to the scheme you prefer, which can be set, for example, to suit a game’s certain mood.

Alexa can also launch your games with one simple sentence, or change the DPI settings.

According to Razer, Alexa will work not only with the Razer software but also with any third-party products that connect through the Chroma Connected Devices Program which, at the moment, supports over 300 devices from more than 15 brands.

The feature will arrive in the U.S and Canada first, sometime in the second quarter of the year, with other countries set to get it in the months to follow.

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