Razer Drops The Bulky Headphones For A Thinner, Stealthier Headset

Razer Drops the Bulky Headphones for a Thinner, Stealthier Headset

Credit: Razer

It’s safe to say that everyone associates the Razer headphones with the solid, big build of the Razer Thresher or the Kraken Tournament Edition – it’s what we’ve grown to expect from the company, after all. Now, it seems like they are not dead set on always keeping the same aesthetics for their audio gear and have realized there are other markets to tap into as well.

With its latest entry in what looks like a growing lineup for broadcasters, the company aims for something more discreet, hence the Razer Ifrit.

The Ifrit aims to stay out of the way while the user is broadcasting and, though it might be smaller and definitely thinner and stealthier than its more heavy-set siblings, the Ifrit offers a professional-grade condenser microphone and a set of in-ear headphones that have a flat frequency response. It has two 3.5mm Combo Jacks.

Sure, they’re designed for broadcasters but they are also compatible with the Xbox One and the PS4, so Razer is keeping its core market in mind regardless, which is great.

The Razer Ifrit is available from both the official website of the company as well as other retailers, for the price of $99.99.

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