iOS 12 Jailbroken By Alibaba’s Cybersecurity Division Just Hours After Release

iphone x ios 12 jailbreak

Just hours after the release of iOS 12 a jailbroken iPhoneX was already captured on video. Pandora Labs, Alibaba’s cybersecurity division, showed a jailbroken iOS 12 in a video that’s obviously going viral on Twitter.

In it, you can see a jailbroken app on an iPhoneX updated to iOS 12, a phone that was unlocked without Face ID or a passcode.


It’s been quite some time since someone tried jailbreaking iPhones but that didn’t stop cybersecurity experts. However, this video is pretty damning for Apple, since the company bragged for quite some time about the iOS 12 new security features. Among them is a warning about reusing the same password for multiple accounts and the elimination of brute force attacks by simply blocking the iPhone’s ability to connect to USB accessories when locked. This way, devices like the GrayKey, which is used by authorities to break into suspects’ devices, would no longer have a way to access those devices.

iOS 12 also brings more privacy-oriented functionalities, letting Safari stop social media buttons from Facebook or Twitter from following and tracking users’ behavior across the web.

Let’s see now what Apple has to say about iOS 12 being jailbroken so fast and if any other security experts will pitch in on the severity of this jailbreak.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Alex

    November 19, 2018 at 11:16 am

    People are really smart nowadays doing these kinds of stuff… really

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