Model 3 Tesla Gets 5 Straight Stars From NHTSA

Credit: Tesla

NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) recently released the result of its crash testing procedures for the Model 3 Tesla rear-wheel drive sedan and the vehicle went for a perfect score of 5 stars in all categories.

Credit: CrashNet1 / YouTube

The tests cover various types of possible crashes – frontal, side and rollover, and it seems like the Model 3 aced all of them, including subcategories like side barrier and pole crashes.

This is big because the Mercedes C-Class 4-door sedan, which is very similar to the Model 3 in both size and weight, got only 4 stars for front passenger and rollover protection, while the BMW 3 Series got a 4 star for just driving protection.

We don’t have the full stats from NHTSA but Tesla CEO Elon Musk has stated he believed the Model 3 to be the ‘safest car ever tested‘.

Even so, the Model 3 is not the only vehicle that earned thie highest rating – there are a few other 2018 cars that are on par, like the Toyota Camry four-door hybrid and the Subaru Legacy.

Credit: CrashNet1 / YouTube 

The truth is, electric cars are safer – by definition, they don’t have a combustion engine in front, which allowed the engineers more room to work on building a more robust structure that can absorb shock much better.

Electric cars that have a solid design (like the Model 3) also have a well-balanced center of gravity thanks to the battery, which is the heaviest part of the car. It is placed low in the chassis, barely a few inches from the road, which makes a rollover almost impossible during a crash.

So, the Model 3 is expensive, but would you be rather be in one if you crash or in something almost as good?

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