Razer Tomahawk Tiny, Modular Gaming Desktop Steals the Show At CES

Razer Tomahawk Tiny, Modular Gaming Desktop Steals the Show At CES

We didn’t expect to see a lot of novelties when it comes to PC gaming at CES 2020 but Razer made sure to steal the show.

The company went beyond their usual flashy peripherals, laptops or phones and actually debuted a gaming PC.

Check out the Razer Tomahawk, an incredibly compact all-in-one system that uses the brand new Razer Tomahawk N1 chassis.

The best part?

The ultra-compact chassis itself is modular, based on the Intel Next Unit of Computing (NUC). It certainly looks premium, as Razer opted for a full aluminum frame and tempered glass panels.

razer tomahawk n1 chassis modular gaming pc

“The Razer Tomahawk N1’s all-aluminum body is flanked by tempered glass on both sides, highlighting the vertically mounted GPU in all its glory, with an open vent design at the top to maintain cooling performance.

The rear features a lock-and-slide sled mechanism that opens with minimal effort, allowing for quick access to internal components without the need for tools”, says Razer.

That’s all about the case, now let’s see what the Razer Tomahawk gaming PC is actually capable of.

razer tomahawk gpu shot

It goes up to Intel Core i9 for processing power, 64 GB of DDRAM4 and, of course, the golden standard for graphics card, the GeForce RTX 2080 Super.

Razer highlights that the RAM  and SSD modules on the NUC card will be upgradeable, as well as the fans, so, even though this PC is quite compact, you won’t be constrained in terms of upgrades by the limited real estate.

Just how limited?

razer tomahawk gaming desktop ces 2020 (2)

The Razer Tomahawk has a volume of just 10 liters!

And don’t worry, the connectivity is still there.

There are 6 USB 3.1 ports (USB-A), 2 USB-C ports, dual ethernet ports and display ports.

Razer didn’t say how much the Tomahawk N1 chassis or the Tomahawk gaming PC will retail for but, if we were guessing men, we’d bet that the PC will start at around $2,000.

If you’re set on freeing up your desk with one of these tiny but powerful beasts, you can sign up for updates on Razer’s website.

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