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NVIDIA and Mercedes-Benz have a longstanding relationship, the two companies announcing multiple partnerships throughout the years. Back in 2017, at CES, NVIDIA and Mercedes-Benz made public a new joint venture into the AI car technology. With some notable announcements along the way, it all culminated in a recent joint press conference held by the two giants.

In the press conference, the two parties unveiled plans to develop what the companies call ‘a revolutionary in-vehicle computing system with the most sophisticated and advanced computing architecture ever deployed in an automobile.’ This new software system enables Level 2 and 3 driving autonomy and a Level 4 parking autonomy. With this software, NVIDIA and Mercedes provide driving autonomy comparable, or better than what Tesla offers at the time. The Level 4 parking autonomy is a point of interest for future owners. This level enables the vehicle to take on any parking stall without the aid of human assistance. It is automated parallel parking, without the risk of scratching your luxury car.

“We are excited to work with Mercedes-Benz, together we are going to revolutionize the car ownership experience, making the vehicle software programmable and continuously upgradeable via over-the-air updates. Every future Mercedes-Benz with the NVIDIA DRIVE system will come with a team of expert AI and software engineers continuously developing, refining, and enhancing the car over its lifetime.”

Jensen Huang NVIDIA CEO

Based on the NVIDIA DRIVE, the platform enables automated driving on regular routes from address to address, updates over-air, similar to Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot, and other convenience features.

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