Red Releases First Official Photos of The Hydrogen Phone

No renders here, guys, we have the actual, official photos of the Red Hydrogen. They were posted over night on the H4Vuser website by Red founder, Jim Jannard.  The overall look makes me think of Giger’s designs and, being a huge Alien fan, I have to say I dig the design a lot.

The device features ridged finger indents on the sides and a 4V holographic display. It comes with a next-level camera that can shoot in 2D, 3D and H4V (Red Hydrogen 4-View), which is the company’s format.

The modular design and exposed pogo pin connectors will allow the users to attach accessories to it, such as an extra large camera sensor.

The phone has a special ‘holographic’ screen which apparently has to be seen in person in order for one to truly grasp on the experience. The phone will cost $1295 and will be available for purchase from November 2nd in two colors – Black and Shadow. At the moment, we don’t have any information if the phone will be available outside the United Sates.

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