World's First 8K Holographic Display Is Here but Do You Need It?
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World’s First 8K Holographic Display Is Here but Do You Need It?

source: Looking Glass

Some of us are still warming up to 4K content and looking for an appropriate TV, while others are leading the 8K revolution. Like Looking Glass, a company that just took their 8K holographic display from prototype to market.

Looking Glass’ journey started in the summer of 2018 as a proof of concept. Fast forward two years later and the Brooklyn-based startup is ready to ship to customers. The holographic display, a world’s first by the way, uses a 45-element light field to provide a 3D effect that you can see in their demo below:

As you can imagine, the price is steep. How steep is not exactly public knowledge, so you’ll have to ask for a quote. However, look closely and you’ll see that their product targets enterprise clients, especially from the medical, automotive, architecture, or engineering fields. You can probably guess the price is far beyond what you’d expect from a casual 8K TV.

I mean, let’s remember that LG’s beautiful ZX Real 8K OLED is selling for up to $30,000:

So do you actually need it now? Probably not. The number of companies that will order this display also remains to be seen.

That said, we can only praise Looking Glass for their technological breakthrough and hope their continuous improvements will also pave the way to an 8K holographic TV for home someday.

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