Watch A Day in the Life of Robert Downey Jr!

OnePlus 8T Ad Stars Robert Downey Jr… and His Bike

Last spring, OnePlus brought Robert Downey Jr. as the ambassador of its products and since then the movie start has promoted a series of commercials.
Interestingly enough, the promos were generally broadcast in China rather than in Europe. The most recent one focuses on the OnePlus 8T and the “Tony Stark / Iron Man”.

The commercial mentions 4K filming at 60 FPS and is focusing on the phone’s ability to catch moving subjects and its impressive stabilization due to the system that connects OIS and EIS. We can see Robert getting out of his movie star caravan on the set and then taking his motorcycle. He uses his phone to reach out to his wife by voice command, then takes a series of photos.

The 120Hz screen is also mentioned, while the Always On Display is not featured in the ad, and as we know so far, the 8T is the first OnePlus to integrate it.

Recently, OnePlus 8T survived the bend, burn, and scratch durability for JerryRigEverything’s Zack Nelson, well known for his remarkable durability tests.

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