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Report Says HMD Global Will Bring Back New and Updated Take on Nokia 3650

Move over, banana phone and electronic brick/ Nokia 3310! The next beloved classic phone to get a makeover is the Nokia 3650. HMD Global is reportedly preparing to launch it – and we’re ready to throw some cash at it!

Back in 2003, when the original Nokia 3650 launched, this phone with a pretty unique dial sent some people spinning.

Some absolutely loved the circular keyboard, some absolutely loathed it – which might be the case if the HMD Global Nokia 3650 becomes a reality.

As you know by now, Nokia manufacturing was moved to HMD quite a while back and the company revived some classics.

According to this Russian report picked up by GSMArena, that’s the case and we’re pretty inclined to believe it.

Since there are so few phones with physical keyboards on the market and since HMD Global is also making bank on the nostalgia factor, this unique-looking phone from two decades ago just might come soon.

Hopefully, it will also have a larger display and a better selfie camera!

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Report Says HMD Global Will Bring Back New and Updated Take on Nokia 3650
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