Robotic Hand From Youbionic Moves Almost as Smoothly as a Human One

Youbionic first officially came around with its 3D printed robotic hand prototype in early 2017 when Italian engineer Federico Ciccarese talked about it as being part of a much larger, modular project that would be evolved to replace missing body parts or be otherwise configured to act as an exoskeleton.

Youbionic’s first 3D printed robotic hand prototype posted in 2016

Credit: Youbionic/ YouTube 

Youbionic’s hand was largely 3D printed so as to, in the future, hopefully make it available to a much larger number of people who might need it.

Recently, Youbionic has released videos and photos on their official website which show a much more solid product. It is by no means finished, but the hand has obviously increased in quality of movement and design. It is now capable of a smoother multi-rotational wrist movement, it can twist and it also now features an elbow inflexion, something which its predecessor lacked.

Youbionic’s latest robotic hand design, updated this August

Credit: Youbionic / Youtube 

It can be controlled by remote, have pre-programmed moves or it can mirror the movements of the user’s actual arm. At the moment, Ciccarese is searching for ways the hand could function using electrical brain activities.

Youbionic is moving pretty fast and with all the other prosthetic devices out there that are raising the stakes, I’m sure we’re going to see something even more interesting from them pretty soon.

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