Robotic Valet Called “Stan” Parks Your Car Without Needing A Key

Stanley Robotics stan valet
Stanley Robotics

Leaving the country for a couple of days? No need to worry about the car. You can simply leave it at the entrance of the airport, where a robotic valet will pick it up and park it for you. If you happen to be at Charles-de-Gaulle airport, the robot in question will be Stan #machinemagic

Stanley Robotics raised $4 million to keep on building massive robots that can carry cars “in their arms”. The first are already on duty in Paris, at the Charles-de-Gaulle airport. Precise and efficient, these can clamp the wheels of any car and lift them like they’re lighter than a feather. Unlike a human parking valet, the Stan robot units do not need a car key to move the vehicle.

If you’ll entrust one of them with your car, by asking for its services online (via app),  the robot will spot the perfect parking slot for it and place it perfectly in that designated area. No need for multiple maneuvers. The company that developed the robots has also ensured its creations can keep track of the vehicles’ owners.

Let’s say you’re gone for a couple of days and the car stays at the airport. Stan will not only park it safely, but will also know to put it in a far corner and double park another car in front of it. Once you’re back, the car will be easy to take out and deliver.

The big perk of developing this technology is cutting down on wasted space. Instead of creating more parking space, the robots can optimize the existing ones. In case you’re wondering when you’ll get to test this system for yourself, in an airport near you, we have good news: thanks to the new round of funding, the company can extend their business to different airports around the world.

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