Rokid Is Back With Mixed Reality Kit for Your Smartphone

Back in 2018, Rokid unveiled a pair of Mixed Reality glasses designed for enterprise usage. Then, at CES 2019, we saw Project Aurora, another pair that was presented through a Fortnite game demo.

Now, Rokid is back with Rokid Glass Vision, another pair of AR glasses that will definitely steal the show at the next big event.

These babies let you simply connect them to your phone and attach a keyboard, then they’ll float apps in front of your face, replacing a physical desktop monitor with an augmented reality version.

rokid glass vision

Moreover, because the Rokid Glass Vision is designed to work with any phone or device that supports DisplayPort, the applications are pretty exhaustive – you can use it to see walking directions, watch movies interact with 3D elements in webpages using the built-in 3D browser and so on.

In terms of specs, the Rokid Glass Vision is definitely a sleek device. It weighs just 120 g and in that package fits a binocular display with 40 degrees field of view, detachable corrective lens, 2 microphones, stereo sound, and 9 Axis IMU and local 6 DoF SLAM.

Unfortunately, all of this is subject to change, because Rokid’s latest AR glasses won’t be available until 2020.

The company will also face some serious competition in convincing developers to create apps for it, with so many AR/VR glasses in town.

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