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Russia Is Shielding Their Fighter Jet With Drone Bodyguards

Russia Air Show
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Russia is gearing up. For their future sixth-gen fighter jet, they have envisioned a squad of drones to protect it against all enemies #actionmagic

The fighter jet to be released in 2025 will fly at a supersonic speed of about 4-5 Mach, meaning it will be able to approach near space and come back in our atmosphere in an entirely different spot, one of people’s choosing. Such a powerful machine will be shielded from enemies with many drones, each of them monitored from the ground. According to rank, pilots will be assigned for these UAVs: “Depending on the status, he [the pilot] is given several subordinate drones,” Vladimir Mikheev, an adviser to the deputy head of Radioelectronic Technologies Concern said. “They, in their turn, understand –– they must protect, for example, lieutenant Petrov. But if colonel Ivanov is in the cockpit, the number of subordinate drones should be more, and so forth.”

Each of these drones will be equipped with high-frequency electromagnetic cannons that can knock out enemy radio signals from up to six miles. Normally, electromagnetic impulses are so powerful, humans can’t withstand their effects. But on drones, they’re perfect.

What do you think about Russia’s ambitious plan?

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