Russian State TV Uses Robot News Anchor

Russian State TV Uses Robot News Anchor

A silicone-faced robot, developed by the Russian startup Promobot, was used by Russia-24, a state-owned television, to read the afternoon news.

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The humanoid robot, called Alex, was created to look like the developing company’s founder Alexei Yuzhakov. Alex can answer questions and hold a conversation depending on data stored into its system, it runs on 29 motors to mimic facial expressions and has a slow tone that makes reading the news a ”grotesque” affair.

During a news segment on Russia-24 television, the robot informed the public about topics like the new microfinance legislation, or the technology forum in Sochi.

Promobot is a Russian startup which has mainly produced service robots with computer screen faces for banks, so Alex is the first humanoid robot developed by the company.

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