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SAFER, Every Minute: Pretty, Shiny Wearables That Keep Women Out of Harm’s Way


Five young men from India have given women a chance to protect themselves, no matter where they are, with … smart jewelry.

Before every Indian woman can take self-defense classes, she needs to be able to stay out from harm’s way. The problem is, in India, a sexual assault happens every 22.5 minutes. The worrying statistics made five young engineers look for a smart, non-violent solution. Leaf Wearables came out in 2015 as pendants, bracelets and key chains with sparkly stones and small circular devices called SAFER.

How they work: the moment users feel threatened, they double click the devices, which trigger a corresponding app. A distress signal is send through the app to the wearer’s closest acquaintances, be they family or friends. Also, the device has a GPS function: “You enter your destination and the time you are leaving, and your network can track your movement the entire time.”, says Manik Mehta, co-founder of the startup. The app contains a map of the nearest hospitals and police stations, to further help the user get away from the assailant and report the attempted attack.

Leaf Wearables cost from $52 to $74 and take 15 minutes to charge for seven days of use. Founders’ goal is to get these jewelries to 1 million families by the end of next year.


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