Safera Sense Will Alert You Of Kitchen Fires And Keep An Eye on Air Quality


We’re still on the road to making our houses smarter and, little by little, we’re getting there – we can now heat or cool our homes and even turn lights on and off by pushing just a button on an app. Dealing with our kitchen appliances is still a little tricky but we’ve come a long way from the washing machines and the ovens of the past. 

However, as far as ovens and stoves are concerned, as smart as they are, there’s always some risk of fire and this is where the Safera Sense comes in. If you haven’t heard of Safera, it’s worth mentioning that the company has been in the fire safety business for quite some time already and that it has a series of sensors aimed at keeping kitchens safe. 

Introduced during IFA 2019 Berlin, the Safera Sense is a long, rectangular, unobtrusive gadget that can be fitted above your stove and instantly alert you if it senses any heat that shouldn’t be there. 

The device, small as it is, packs in over 20 sensors and one of those sensors is responsible with detecting your presence. If you happen to go away from the stove and not return for a certain period of time, it will alert you that you should come back, lest you burn the house down. 

The Safera Sense can also detect air quality and tell you if a bit of fresh air is needed in the kitchen. It can even tell you how long the burner was on via the proprietary app, which should give a little helping hand if you need to cook something for a certain amount of time. 

However, just to be on the safest possible side Safera also offers smart plugs that allow you to turn the stove off via an app in case you really are far and away from your home and you forgot it on. The company is even in talks with smart oven manufacturers to integrate this feature directly into the appliance. 

The product can be pre-ordered via the company’s website if you happen to live in Europe but will become available in the U.S soon enough too with a price tag of roughly around $220, after conversion. 

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