Samsung Galaxy Fold Is The Protagonist Of an iFixit Teardown Once Again

Samsung Galaxy Fold Is The Protagonist Of an iFixit Teardown Once Again


Samsung’s Galaxy Fold has now officially returned for the second time to the iFixit desk to undergo the usual teardown the YouTube channel has gotten us used to. The phone was the protagonist a while ago but Samsung asked the video to be taken down, as the unit iFixit was demolishing was one of those who had been recalled. 

Samsung took several months to redesign and correct the smartphone’s faulty design and now iFixit got back to work on it. 

How did it go? As some of you might have already expected, the foldable received just a repair rating of just 2 out of 10. 

Despite the presence of standard screws and modular components, the Fold is still a very fragile device that is subject to fast wear and tear. The internal display is likely to be damaged very easily and not only just because of debris but also during a battery replacement procedure. 

The protective polymer that hung over the screen now extends almost to the edges and its borders are protected by very thin external frames, so as not to allow anyone, even accidentally, to be able to remove it.

Inside, the hinges are protected by additional adhesive tape, so that they cannot be reached by debris; while outside, the empty spaces at the top and bottom of the fold of the screen, which in the first version of the Fold were left free, are now covered by plastic protections in the shape of a “T”.

The hinge represents another of the aspects that will force owners to pay particular attention to their smartphone, since this component is certainly not immune to damage; far from it, actually – iFixit called the device “alarmingly fragile”.

In short, it seems that Galaxy Fold is a particularly demanding device for anyone who chooses to buy it; if you think you are ready to take up the task, it’s worth keeping in mind that the foldable might demand an intervention or two during your ownership, so treat it gently. 

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