Samsung Galaxy S22 Prices Leaked and We’re Not Disappointed

source: Evan Blass

If you love a best case scenario, we’ve got a fresh, just leaked one for you. It refers to the potential prices of the latest flagship series from Samsung, the Galaxy S22 line.

Remember how we talked about a best case scenario for Galaxy S22 pricing back in October? We were then thinking that a range of $800-$1000 would not be bad at all, since it would match last year’s prices.

Guess what! According to a new leak from Front Page Tech, this should come true. It appears that despite the upgrades made to this year’s flagship phones, Samsung will keep the same prices.

Even if Galaxy S22 Ultra is replacing the Note in a way this year, as it will sell with a stylus, and Samsung will add an AMD Ray Tracing GPU to its devices, the Galaxy S22 will start at $799.

The rest of the models should sell for the following prices:

  • $799 — Galaxy S21 (128GB)
  • $849 — Galaxy S21 (256GB)
  • $999 — Galaxy S21 Plus (128GB)
  • $1,049 — Galaxy S21 Plus (256GB)
  • $1,199 — Galaxy S21 Ultra (128GB)
  • $1,249 — Galaxy S21 Ultra (256GB)
  • $1,379 — Galaxy S21 Ultra (512GB)

This might make replacing last year’s S21 with a new model more tempting to Samsung fans. On the other hand, those that are not interested in buying the latest phone from the South Korean giant, could score a nice deal if the company decides to reduce the price to the S21 series.

Either way, we might be in for a very nice surprise this February 9th when the Galaxy S22 line comes to light.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Prices Leaked and We’re Not Disappointed

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